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Service Agreement

        These terms of use constitute a legally binding contract between you (a user/users/ the users/your), whether it is you personally or the entity you represent (“you”), and RPS Fight or Gameniverse (“we,” “us,” or “our'') in relation to your access to or use of www.rpsfight.com,

including media formats, media channels, mobile websites or mobile applications related, linked or connected by any other ways (collectively, “website” and “application”), which will hereinafter be referred to as Gameniverse. RPS Fight is a website running on Binance Smart Chain

("Blockchains") with the support of developed smart contracts so that users can own, sell, play the rock-paper-scissors game, and upgrade characters.

1. Acceptance

By clicking “OK” to complete the registration process and to use RPS Fight, users confirm that you have understood and agreed to these terms and conditions as well as any documents which may be explicitly referred to and which are appended in the reference.

These terms of use constitute a legal contract between a user and Gameniverse and govern the access to and use of RPS Fight, including content, functions, and any services provided via RPS Fight media. The provider (RPS Fight) reserves the right to amend and modify these terms at any time at Gameniverse’s discretion. Users, therefore, agree and understand that, after any changes are made, the users will be deemed to have accepted the revised terms.

2. Definitions

Of these terms:

Star : this item will be given after the game has ended to both who wins or loses. Stars shall be used in the game rooms to upgrade characters’ levels, to claim the cryptocurrency, which is ACT (Acet), and to play in the Star room.

Heart : one heart is required to start a game. Note: in the starter pack, 5 hearts will be given daily to players, and the 5 hearts will be refilled by the system every day at midnight. The duration of heart provision varies upon the pack. However, hearts bought from any additional packages will not be refilled daily.

Ranking : the ranking is held between the players in RPS Fight, measured by the number of players’ walks per month. At the end of the month, the top 1-500 players will be rewarded on the next day via ACT (Acet) from PrizePool in proportion to what the system determines.

Walk : the number of a player's steps in the game. The winner will be given up to 64 walks or given with the amount in the furthest spot where the player can move. The winner will be the player who moves to the furthest among other players in the round.

Character : a character is necessary for the game. The player can upgrade its level up to 30 by using stars. The characters from the starter pack cannot be set up to ‘Quick Sell’ or sold on the marketplace.

Dice : dice is necessary for the game. Rolling a dice will determine the steps the character will move in a round. The player will roll a dice after having done a rock-paper-scissors game. In case of winning, the player can roll the dice twice. On the other hand, in case of losing or a tie, the player can roll the dice just once. The dice can be upgraded to level 15.

Special Item : special items have an effect in the same way as the special cards such as jailbreak card, random trap card, and shield card. The special items can be obtained by playing in-game Gashapon or treasures.

Accessories : These are for dressing the characters up, classified into 5 tiers by rareness. They can be set up to ‘Quick Sell’ or sold on the marketplace.

3. Qualifications

        Only Gameniverse has sole discretion to allow or not allow persons to access the RPS Fight platform.

Through these conditions, a user represent and warrant that:

    (1) users have the full right and authority to agree with these conditions.

    (2) users are not arrogating anybody’s identity

    (3) users will not use the RPS Fight platform if your local law does not allow the user to proceed under these conditions.

    (4) users have read, understood, and acknowledged Gameniverse’s privacy and cookie policy.

4. Accounts

A user must create an account (“Account”) to play RPS Fight. To create an account, Gameniverse will ask you to log in via Google, Facebook, or Metamask.

5. Changes in RPS Fight

Gameniverse may use its discretion to change, improve, edit, erase, or terminate any parts, services, and content of RPS Fight at any time without prior notice.

6. Fees

Currently, fees for buying and selling an item and making a withdrawal are not charged. (This may be changed in the future.)

7. Use of RPS Fight and practice

Gameniverse allows users a limited, non-monopolistic, non-transferable, and cancellable approach to access RPS Fight and play it. Gameniverse’s permission is under the following conditions; the users agree not to (support or help any other parties with or without consciousness to) :

(1) use RPS Fight or users’ accounts to send spam or distribute unwanted or unauthorized advertisements, media promoting sales or marketing, junk mails, or chain messages.

(2) use RPS Fight or users’ accounts to conduct illegal activities that violate enforced laws (including, but not limited to, money laundering, terrorism financing, and/or fraudulent activities) or unethical activities.

(3) use RPS Fight or user’s accounts to participate in any activities conducted to cheat companies, other users, or individuals or give false or inaccurate information that causes misunderstanding to the company.

(4) use RPS Fight or users’ accounts to upload unethical or illegal content that contains a virus, destructive code, Trojan horse, or other unsafe malware.

(5) wholly or partly edit or change RPS Fight or include RPS Fight’s platform and website on any other programs or applications.

(6) deconstruct, decode, reverse-engineer, or find the source code, object code, fundamental concept, concept, and algorithm of RPS Fight or any components of the game.

(7) use RPS Fight or users’ accounts in a means that leads to a violation of the rights in our intellectual property, our subsidiary, or a third party including, but not limited to, copyrights, patents, or trademarks. Users guarantee that conducting or attempting to conduct any activities or making a claim on any property that violates or will violate the benefits of our intellectual property won’t be committed.

(8) use RPS Fight or users’ accounts in a means that may cause damage to, disable, or compromise with RPS Fight or its terms and conditions, bother other users, or damage Gameniverse’s reputation.

(9) conduct any activities to acquire or access other users’ accounts or wallets without permission.

(10) conduct any activities that causes an unreasonable or disproportionate burden or heavy workload on the company’s infrastructure (including, but not limited to, servers, networks, information centers, and related tools or comparable) and interfere, block, or take control of a system or information that belongs to the other users of RPS Fight.

(11) participate in any other activities we find inappropriate or against these terms and conditions or enforced laws.

(12) give false, incorrect, or incomplete information that causes a misunderstanding of Gameniverse, its subsidiary, or a third-party service provider.

8. Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property; we shall refer to it in the scope of RPS Fight user content, all content and other material contained therein, including but not limited to the company’s logo, designs, graphic texts, photographs, information, software information, and files in relation to the company. Furthermore, RPS Fight is the property of the company or affiliates, authorizers or users, as it may deem appropriate.

The company’s logo and trademark or services, logos or slogans possibly appearing on RPS Fight or other platforms are the property owned by the company, and they can by no means be copied, replicated, or otherwise used in whole or in part without our prior knowledge and our written permission.

Except as otherwise set forth herein, any content is not permitted to be used without our express written consent.

RPS Fight reserves the right to suspend or disable any accounts recognized as or accused of infringement of anyone's intellectual property rights.

9. Selling via Auction

Users are able to sell and buy items by selecting Shop, Marketplace and/or Auction menus and can also participate in the auction by connecting users’ digital wallets, which are supported by us, to the accounts.

We may temporarily stop, cancel, or terminate your bid at the sole discretion of the company without liability to you.

10. Data Protection / Privacy

By using RPS Fight, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the information set forth in our privacy notices, and that you can understand how we collect, use, disclose, and distribute your personal data between us and provide such personal data to our authorized service providers and related third parties. We shall distribute your personal data in order to facilitate and govern your use of RPS Fight or others as required by law. The data controllers shall manage and protect your personal data in accordance with all applicable data protection laws. We reserve the right to fulfill our internal obligations with regard to your personal data at any time (e.g. by requesting related original documents), to prevent fraud, and/or to combat money laundering and raise money to counter terrorism.

You can get in touch with us using our channel to request the removal of your personal information. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rpsfight

Gameniverse Team